Gina Holden
als Coreen Fennel

Name: Gina Holden
Geb.: 17.03.1975
Geb.Ort: British Columbia / Kanada
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When actress Gina Holden walks into a room, you are immediately reminded of the Hollywood starlets of yesteryear like Rita Hayworth or Vivian Leigh. With poise and a dimension about her that is so captivating, it is obvious why she is shaping up to be one of the next big leading ladies to make her mark in Hollywood. With two movies currently in post production and lead roles in two television series, this driven and brilliant young actress is fast becoming one of the most sought after talents in the business.

Currently, Gina can be seen playing one of the lead roles in The SciFi Channel’s newest century series, "Flash Gordon." On the show, Gina plays the beautiful "Dale Arden" a newly engaged reporter for her hometown television station who has to balance her personal and professional relationships and the new adventures that come into play when she and her high school boyfriend and first love, "Flash" (Eric Johnson) are transported into an alternate universe, where they are constantly saving the world from destruction. Flash Gordon is produced by Reunion Pictures, premiered August 10, 2007 and airs Friday nights at 9pm (ET/PT). Gina also simultaneously stars in Lifetime’s original series "Blood Ties," where she plays Goth character ”Coreen."

On the big screen, Gina appears in a film to be released Christmas 2007; you can see her strong supporting role in 20th Century Fox's much anticipated sequel, Alien vs. Predator 2 in the role of "Carrie Adams." Alien vs. Predator 2 is produced by Wyck Godfrey. Secondly, Gina played a lead role in Lions Gate Films' holiday movie Home for Christmas opposite Peter O'Toole, Marcia Gay Harden and Jared Padalecki. The film is directed by Michael Campus and is soon to be released sometime next year.

Born in the small town of Smithers, British Columbia, Gina knew she wanted to act the minute she realized what acting really was. At 15 years old, Gina was discovered by a modeling scout and invited to work all around the world. Realizing that opportunities like that don’t happen every day, she jumped at the chance and found herself traveling the world and growing up in many different countries/cities, but working and living in Japan was her ultimate love. Gina embraced the Japanese culture and lifestyle; she really enjoys the people and the food; she even taught herself to speak Japanese. While in Japan, Gina landed the coveted campaign as the face of Shiseido cosmetics and appeared on over 20 different magazine covers throughout the country. It was in the midst of her modeling success, that Gina began to yearn for her first true love, acting. So even though it was hard, after 8 years, she walked away from a successful and lucrative modeling career and headed back to the U.S. to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Once in the States, she enrolled in college where she studied Japanese and business. While working two jobs and putting herself through school, Gina decided it was time to enroll in acting classes. Being on stage was easy since she had performed her whole life and she was overjoyed by the rush of being onstage and entertaining audiences again. Gina knew that acting was her first love and was ready to jump in with both feet. She eventually landed an agent and began booking commercials, which helped pay for her college studies and acting classes. After graduation she worked with children at the YMCA in hopes of becoming a positive role model and influence in their lives. Gina has also volunteered working with adults living with mental and physical disabilities, while attending auditions and continuing her successful acting career.

Gina's big break came when she was cast New Line Cinema's third installment of the Final Destination series, Final Destination 3, which opened at #1 and grossed over $54.1 million dollars at the box office domestically. Her past motion picture and TV credits include a strong supporting role in John R. Leonetti's The Butterfly Effect 2 and guest-starring roles on USA's hit show, "Psych," Showtime's critically acclaimed series "The L Word," The CW's "Supernatural" and Fox's "Reunion" to name a few.

When Gina is not working she loves to take part in charity events, particularly those that support adults living with mental and physical disabilities. She is still very active in dance and loves to go hiking and snowboarding on a regular basis. However, her first love is and will always be acting; creating memorable characters and quality work that transcends through the years.

Gina currently resides in both Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, Canada.


  1. Traveling (2008) (filming)
  2. Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas (2008) (completed) .... Hope Eastbrook

  3. "Smallville" .... Patricia Swan (1 Folge, 2008)
    ... alternativ: Smallville Beginnings (USA: rerun title)
    ... alternativ: Smallville: Superman the Early Years (UK: promotional title)
    ... alternativ: Smallville (Deutschland) [de]
        - Traveler (2008) TV Folge .... Patricia Swan
  4. "Flash Gordon" .... Dale Arden (21 Folgen, 2007-2008)
        - Revolution: Part 2 (2008) TV Folge .... Dale Arden
        - Revolution: Part 1 (2008) TV Folge .... Dale Arden
        - Cold Day in Hell (2008) TV Folge .... Dale Arden
        - Blame (2008) TV Folge .... Dale Arden
        - Ebb and Flow (2008) TV Folge .... Dale Arden
          (16 more)
  5. "Blood Ties" .... Coreen Fennel (21 Folgen, 2007-2008)
        - Deep Dark (2008) TV Folge .... Coreen Fennel
        - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (2007) TV Folge .... Coreen Fennel
        - Wrapped (2007) TV Folge .... Coreen Fennel
        - Drawn and Quartered (2007) TV Folge .... Coreen Fennel
        - The Devil You Know (2007) TV Folge .... Coreen Fennel
          (16 more)
  6. AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007) .... Carrie Adams
    ... alternativ: Aliens vs. Predator 2 (Singapore: English title)
    ... alternativ: AvP2 (USA: short title)
    ... alternativ: AvPR (International: English title: short title)
    ... alternativ: Aliens vs. Predator 2 (Deutschland) [de]
  7. Battle in Seattle (2007) .... Protester #4
  8. Code Name: The Cleaner (2007) .... Young Assistant
    ... alternativ: The Cleaner (USA: informal short title)
  9. Murder on Spec (2006) (TV) .... Diana Coles
    ... alternativ: Trophy Wife (USA)
  10. The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006) .... Amanda
    ... alternativ: Butterfly Effect 2 (Deutschland: DVD title) [de]
  11. "Psych" .... Bethany Cadman (1 Folge, 2006)
    ... alternativ: Psych (Deutschland) [de]
        - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece (2006) TV Folge .... Bethany Cadman
  12. "Da Vinci's City Hall" .... Claire (12 Folgen, 2005-2006)
    ... alternativ: Maire Da Vinci, Le (Canada: French title: dubbed version)
        - The Dogs in Sympathy with the Cats (2006) TV Folge .... Claire
        - Bumped from the Ball (2006) TV Folge .... Claire
        - When the Horsemen Come Looking (2006) TV Folge .... Claire
        - Gotta Press the Flesh (2006) TV Folge .... Claire
        - Gonna Cause a Ruckus (2006) TV Folge .... Claire
          (7 more)
  13. Final Destination 3 (2006) .... Carrie Dreyer
    ... alternativ: Final Destination 3 (Deutschland)
  14. Man About Town (2006) .... Pretty Young Assistant
  15. "Reunion" .... Rachel Scofield / ... (5 Folgen, 2005)
        - 1994 (2005) TV Folge .... Rachel Scofield
        - 1993 (2005) TV Folge .... Rachel Scofield
        - 1992 (2005) TV Folge .... Rachel
        - 1991 (2005) TV Folge .... Rachel Scofield
        - 1990 (2005) TV Folge .... Rachel Scofield
  16. 'LTD.' (2005) .... Sam
  17. "Killer Instinct" .... Angela Wilkins (1 Folge, 2005)
        - Die Like an Egyptian (2005) TV Folge .... Angela Wilkins
  18. "Supernatural" .... Haley Collins (1 Folge, 2005)
    ... alternativ: Supernatural (Deutschland) [de]
    ... alternativ: Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen (Deutschland) [de]
        - Wendigo (2005) TV Folge .... Haley Collins
  19. "The Dead Zone" .... Aubry / ... (1 Folge, 2005)
    ... alternativ: Stephen King's Dead Zone (USA)
    ... alternativ: Dead Zone (Deutschland) [de]
        - The Last Goodbye (2005) TV Folge .... Aubry/Chrystal Henderson
  20. Fantastic Four (2005) .... LV Receptionist
    ... alternativ: Fantastic Four (Deutschland)
  21. "The L Word" .... New Girl at 'Milk' / ... (2 Folgen, 2004-2005)
    ... alternativ: The L Word - Wenn Frauen Frauen lieben (Deutschland) [de]
        - Lynch Pin (2005) TV Folge .... Twink
        - Pilot (2004) TV Folge .... New Girl at 'Milk'
  22. Perfect Romance (2004) (TV) .... Nervous Student
  23. Roughing It (2002) (TV) .... Louise
    ... alternativ: Mark Twain's Roughing It (Australia)

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